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The point is simple: If you, even in ignorance and with the best of intentions, in your worship of God have the practices and performing of pagan and occult rituals, you will become totally enveloped in paganism if you continue in it's practices. The occult and paganism will take over your heart. It is the spirits, to which the symbols are connected to, that will control and motivate your heart, mind, and actions! 

I woke up to see a beautiful full moon. I started to think about what the full moon means to the Kabbalah practicing Jew. 
I imagined them outside last night performing, what they themselves classify as a ritual, praying and dancing under the moonlight, in which they are really honoring their pagan goddess.  😢


Google definition: 

She·ki·nah- noun  (in Jewish and Christian theology) the glory of the divine presence, conventionally represented as light or interpreted symbolically (in Kabbalism as a divine feminine aspect)
- Kabbalism is the accepted form of worldwide Jewish Talmudic worship.
The Jewish Encyclopedia defines it as "The majestic presence or manifestation of God which has descended to "dwell" among men" 
"the term was used by the Rabbis in place of "God" where the anthropomorphic expressions of the Bible were no longer regarded as proper "

This following articles initially claim they do not worship a female god, rather, Shekinah is not separate from the one true God, but a different "aspect" of the one. 
However, upon simply reading all of the articles and keeping the whole in context, it becomes very clear, from all of the references to the "She", they are worshiping the same female  goddess they did during the prophet Jeremiah's ministry! I recommend you visit the sites themselves so you can see that I am not fabricating nor stretching the truth to lend credence to my statements or beliefs. If you do visit the sites themselves, do not be side tracked for the small comments sprinkled throughout that say the Shekinah is not another God. PAY ATTENTION TO THE WHOLE OF THE ARTICLES,  AND ASK YOURSELF "DOES THE WEIGHT OF THEM SUPPORT A SINGLE GOD, OR A GOD AND SEPARATE  GODDESS?" (for further confirmation, read about the Shekinah in the Jewish Kabbalah and Zohar. Thank God for Google)

If the Shekinah

Since the worship of the golden calf was brought up in relation to the female (pagan goddess)Shekinah, bear with my flightiness as I make a slight segue, but I feel a necessary one, regarding Apis, the bull god of Egypt:
"In Egyptian mythology, Apis or Hapis (alternatively spelled Hapi-ankh), is a bull-deity that was worshiped in the Memphis region. "Apis served as an intermediary between humans and an all-powerful god (originally Ptah, later Osiris, then Atum)." [quote: Virtual Egyptian Museum]
According to Manetho, his worship was instituted by Kaiechos of the Second Dynasty. Apis is named on very early monuments, ..... "Ceremonial burials of bulls indicate that ritual sacrifice was part of the worship of the early cow deities.... he was entitled "the renewal of the life" of the Memphite god Ptah: but after death he became Osorapis, i.e. the Osiris Apis,....This Osorapis was identified with the Hellenistic Serapis, and may well be identical with him. Greek writers make the Apis an incarnation of Osiris, ignoring the connection with Ptah.""According to Arrian, Apis was one of the Egyptian Gods for which Alexander the Great performed a sacrifice during his seizure of the country from the Persians." After Alexander's death, his general Ptolemy Soter made efforts to integrate Egyptian religion with that of their new Hellenic rulers. Ptolemy's policy was to find a deity that should win the reverence alike of both groups, despite the curses of the Egyptian priests against the gods of the previous foreign rulers..... Alexander had attempted to use Amun for this purpose, but he was more prominent in Upper Egypt, which was not so popular with those in Lower Egypt, where the Greeks had stronger influence. Nevertheless, the Greeks had little respect for animal-headed figures, and so a Greek statue was chosen as the idol, and proclaimed as anthropomorphic equivalent of the highly popular Apis. It was named Aser-hapi (i.e. Osiris-Apis), which became Serapis, and was said to be Osiris in full, rather than just his Ka. ....., Serapis has a temple at Babylon,.."
(you can go HERE for more info regarding Apis worship)

Do you see the connection between the Jewish people, their calf worship, Egyptian god worship of Apis and Osiris (they came out of a pagan nation and were accustomed to such), and the worship of Serapis in Babylon which is Osiris?
Ironically, the Moon is symbolic of the goddess, Isis.    
What's more, on the Jewish Kabbalah Tree of Life, the tenth Sefiroth is commonly known as Malkuth but is also associated with Shekinah.
Is it, then, any wonder that Malkuth is also viewed and described as a goddess?

  1. Malkut (Primary meaning: Kingdom. Also known as: Atarah (diadem), Kingship, Shekinah (presence), Sabbath, lower Crown, the attribute of justice, Assembly of Israel, Court of God, the oral Torah, Bride, Wife, lower Mother "the Spirit of His holiness," the lesser "hay," ADONAI, the Honorable Name, the non-Lucid Mirror, Hidden Miracles, the etrog [on Succot], earth, moon, queen, Tefillin of the Hand, humility, associated with David)

Malkuth’s themes are forgiveness, cleansing, health, peace, Earth and balance. Her symbols are yellow-colored items, quartz, cereals and grains and the number 10. Malkuth is the Goddess of the tenth sephira in the Cabalistic Tree of Life. Here She reminds us of the need for positive actions on the physical plane, not simply good thoughts or lofty words, to bring about change. Malkuth also counsels us to always balance our Goddess spirituality with real life and to keep peace with the earth, which She personifies. This is the Jewish new year [Rosh Hashanah] and typically a time for prayer, introspection, and healing the emotional wounds that keep people apart. Take ten minutes out of your morning routine and pray to the Goddess or meditate on recent months."

Goddesses for Every Day: Exploring the Wisdom and Power of the Divine ...
by Julie Loar

This next capture is from a pagan wiccan site relating their beliefs on the Shekinah, which totallty reflects what I have read on's Jewish Kabbalah site. ironically, she claims to be protestant. Pagan goddess worship is not a Jewish problem, but a Satanic one that is open to all who would embrace her:

Back to moon worship:


If you are worshiping God Only, why can a blind person not participate? Why is it necessary to stand under the moon? Is God not omnipresent?This only makes sense in the connotation of pagan god(dess) worship!

Then that old song "Dancing in the Moonlight" popped into my head and I haven't been able to get the Chorus out ever since. I guess I should be grateful that I really don't know the other lyrics  :)

The stark truth of the matter is worshiping under the full moon has ALWAYS been associated with the Occult, Witchcraft, sex rituals, paganism and goddess worship. There is absolutely NO WAY AROUND THAT FACT! 
Here is one page that tells one aspect of full moon religion 

                                              Altar from full Moon circle
This picture is from a magic ritual. Like the Jews, these rituals are performed monthly.
Every month on the evening of the full Moon, people come together “in perfect love and perfect trust” at Charmed in Marlborough to celebrate and socialize together." "..... reap our harvest upon Witches Thanksgiving (Mabon) and what we would like for the coming new year, The Witches New Year (Samhain),” Lady T explains. Everyone in the circle had the opportunity to tell the group and the Universe what they would like to manifest in the coming month.""The gathering is held on the day of the full Moon, whatever day of the week that might be, at 7:00 pm.".

The above pic is from a ritual called the sword dance, which has it's beginnings in an ancient pagan fertility ceremony designed to ensure plentiful crops. Notice the 6 pointed star.

"Hoping to have a bigger impact on the national census ... pagans gather on a hill near Seven Hills in Sydney to take part in a full moon circle ritual." Photo: Wolter Peeters"The Pagan Awareness Network, of which Mr Hepworth is vice-president, is urging its many and diverse faith paths - which include Druidism, Shamanism and Lesbian Feminist Goddess Worship - to nominate paganism as their religious category in this year's census." -
- even by their own admission, full moon rituals are paganistic!

Why would a HOLY God, who has been condemning the worship of pagan gods and practices for 4000 years, all of a sudden give His approval of worshiping Him  the same ways of witchcraft, the occult and paganism? That is not spiritually reasonable, ESPECIALLY in light of His revelation of Himself being THE Holy, righteous God of the Old Testament?
 God is not the author of confusion 1Cor 14:33

This single ritual is incriminating enough against the Jewish practices, but when you look at the whole picture of their other practices, symbols and rituals as we find in the Babylonian Talmud, Kabbalah and the Zohar, including the "Star Of David" also known as the "Seal Of Solomon", there is no mistaking their continued practices of pagan practices, worship and false god worship! People, especially as Christians, need to stop our worship of the nation of Israel. We have made them our pagan god!