Tuesday, June 23, 2015


"UN commission finds evidence of war crimes by Israel, Hamas during 2014 Gaza war

Commission chair urges international community to act on conclusions of the report - primarily by supporting an investigation by the International Criminal Court in The Hague in to the status of the occupied Palestinian territories." - Haaretz News source

Israel? Not perfect? Accused of war crimes....again? How is that possible?
It has always been possible and actual, but always vehemently denied in face of overwhelming proof. With over one hundred sanctions from the U.N, nothing has ever been done about them, thanks to that wonderful veto power of the USA within the U.N.
As always, Israel's powers that be claim it's everyone else who is at fault, much like that ole' familiar logic and saying goes: "DENY, DENY, DENY, THEN DENY SOME MORE"
Surprisingly and unexpectedly, 
"  'Israeli officials slammed the report, calling it "biased" and stained with "blood on its hand for allowing the murder of Jews.' "

In all fairness, Palestine has also been responsible for troubles toward Israel, but it is so disproportionate. Yet, for the most part, the sins of Israel remains  mostly unspoken, lest you incur the wrath of the Jews, and  the branding of "anti-Semitic" be permanently affixed as the title placed before your name. This could amount to political, financial and social suicide. A clever tool of the devil in his quest to re-interpret sin.

There are plenty of articles on the responses made by Israel's political mouthpieces, both public and private, visible and invisible.  They're the ventriloquists, and everyone else is their puppets. They are the surrogate voices and stand-ins of the powerful elite,  manipulating talking points, among other things.
Not having read the many articles about this,(because it's always geared toward the same thing, "Everyone hates Israel"), I have no doubt The Holocaust is mentioned, and probably more than a few times. If it hasn't been done yet, someone should write a historical biography called:  Israel: The Perpetual Victim. It would make one heck of a biopic. I am going to have my management team call Spielberg.

Once again, I must add, that my comments and articles about Israel aren't reflective of the actions of every Jew everywhere, just to those that it does reflect. Why should this be seen any different than a Jew saying the American elite are trying to control the world and not having that statement be a reflection of every American?

The atrocities and wrong doings of the nation of Israel's elite has been reported and fought against by many Jews, within and outside of Israel. But in Israel, as in every other nation on earth (especially America), it is the few rich and elite power brokers  that make the laws and rulings.

In many of my articles, Haaretz.com is one of the sites that I consistently use for what I feel are unbiased reports on Israel/Jewish news, issues and relations.

For example: In this blog/op-ed (i guess it could be called) is the article
West of Eden by Chemi Shalev, he says:
"The all-out diplomatic assault against the inquiry’s findings will safeguard Israel’s self-imposed repression of last summer’s atrocious carnage."The report is hypocritical, biased, one sided, distorted, a capitulation to terrorist groups and a 'rape of the truth', as Netanyahu noted.
"Very few people will be reading the report, anyway - including those who will be voicing very strong opinions about its contents. Israel bashers will maintain that it proves once and for all that the Israeli army is guilty of war crimes. Israel advocates will respond that it proves once and for all that the United Nations is morally bankrupt. Most people will make do with a few headlines and tweets."
However, he goes on to say "......even the most ardent justified of Israel's actions" will find it (Israel's actions) "atrocious".  " Last summer, the overwhelming majority of Israelis were spared the sights and sounds of the carnage in Gaza: Israeli media refrained from covering the suffering of Gazans while politicians and pundits maintained that it was unpatriotic to even discuss. The hardships and ordeals of Israelis cowering from rocket attacks, undeniable in and of themselves, were magnified tenfold while the misery of Gaza was not only downplayed but also depicted as well deserved."
This article is also a good read. While I don't agree with everything the author states (surprise, surprise, surprise)I do feel that his comments are well reasoned and unbiased for the most part.

My point for the continued barrage against Israel and the powers that be?
Simple: Israel is not the "Holy Land" that Jews and Christians try to make it.
We have been programmed and are so busy idolizing Israel, that we purposefully REFUSE to see Israel's sins and the sins of the people for what it really is!
God's word, in the book of Revelation, calls Israel Spiritual Sodom and Egypt:

Revelation 11:7-8   And when they complete their witness, the beast coming up out of the abyss will make war with them, and will overcome them, and will kill them.  8  And their bodies will be on the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom, and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified.
-But this is nothing new. In the Old Testament, God frequently referred to Israel as Sodom and Gomorrah. For example:

Isaiah 1:4  Woe, sinful nation, a people heavy with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, sons who corrupt! They have forsaken Jehovah; they have provoked the Holy One of Israel to anger; they have gone away backward.
Isaiah 1:10  Hear the Word of Jehovah, rulers of Sodom; give ear to the Law of our God, people of Gomorrah.
Isaiah 1:21  How has the faithful city become a harlot? It was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it, but now murderers.

That being the case, when God speaks about His Israel, He is not talking about the present land or people. If we are in the last days, and most would agree, than modern day Israel is not the Holy Land that we consistently make it out to be!
Israel and her people are replete in purposeful, habitual and unrepentant sin. Their narrative as recorded in the Old Testament, is the same that is being played out right now.

They refused, on a national level, to walk in God's way then, and they do so now. Israel didn't accept correction from God then, neither do they now, and Christians refuse to acknowledge a land and people that are unrepentant, replete, engorged and obeste with habitual sins, and not holiness. In these last days, to allow Satan to blind us to the sin of the Jews, is to deny the holiness of God and his command of of His people to be holy and righteous before Him, according to His word. The idolizing of Israel and it's people is another stage in keeping people in general and Christians in particular from walking and abiding in Him and Him alone. This allows man to dictate what is acceptable to God and what is not.
We need to be watchful and aware of all things that seek to pull us off of the mark.
Seek Jesus Christ and the discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Watch! Stand fast in the faith! - 

1 Corinthians 16:13 
Having done all, to stand - Ephesians 6:13
Abide in Christ John 15:4-6
Endure Until The End Matthew 10:22, 24:13