Thursday, September 24, 2015


Matthew 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Today, as the much exalted Pope Francis(who is always likened to Christ), as he is getting ready to give his speech before congress, it has been mentioned a few times that he would be speaking under a plaque of Moses looking down at him.
Allow me to make a brief statement about this  in these the last days. Maybe it will make some sense to you, the reader, and maybe not. As always, pray for the discernment of the Holy Spirit as to if this is from God, and is it necessary and important to know in these days and if it is relevant to our Christian walk with God. There is a statue of Moses that is sculptured by Michelangelo (who also painted the famous artwork in the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica), in the church of San Pietro in  Vincoli in Rome, being Commissioned in 1505 by Pope Julius II. This "Moses"  depicts the Biblical figure Moses with horns on his head. This sculpture is based on a description in the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible used at that time.
(As I write this, Pope Francis does make some statements about Moses, Israel, and our lives today.)

I will briefly surmise what I have learned in my research. I would normally put all of the links that I cite which I will not do this time. I invite you to do your own research to verify what I have written.
Briefly, there is what is considered a sixth and seventh book of Moses that is accepted by Jews and referenced in the Jewish Talmud and  Kabbalah. These two "lost books" are filled my mysticism, symbols, magic names, diagrams of seals, magical drawings,and various magical incantations which is said to have allowed Moses to accomplish the miracles that he performed and recorded in the Torah, our Old Testament, and in their (the Jews) extra biblical texts. According to these doctrines (not my interpretation of them), Moses was a Gnostic and an alchemist. It is in his role as an Alchemist, that he made the Israelites to drink gold dust out of the calf that was fashioned using gold out of Egypt.
Lastly, horns are given to the head pagan Deities ( such as Isis, Horus, Hathor, Enlil, Jupiter etc.) and represent illumination and the sun, such as in Babylonian, Egyptian and Roman paganism.


The circle between the horns 
represents deity and illumination



Mesopotamian god, Enlil

Roman Sea god, Oceanus

Notice the staff. Ironic we have a sea god with a staff and Moses parted the sea




Catholic Horned Moses 

from other Catholic sites. Notice the amazing
similarity between Pan and the center Moses

Notice the torch above him, representing him as deity and as illuminated.

The Horned Owl
The MOST RECOGNIZABLE  occultic symbol of pagan deity illumination

 It is not a coincidence that The Moses is said to have horns upon his return from Mt.Sinai. Mt Sinai, as we know as Christians, represents him obtaining the 10 commandments, but according to gnosticism, the Kabbalah, and the Talmud's extra biblical books of Moses, it represents Moses obtaining Illumination, which is also why his face was illuminated as the sun, so that the Israelite could not look on him. (Exodus 34:29-35)

There you have it. The facts. It's between you and God to decide if this is useful and to what degree.