Friday, August 11, 2017


 The world's concept of Christianity is all askew because we, as Christians, are (purposefully?) misrepresenting God, Jesus Christ and their relationship with man.  Ultimately it is the devil who orchestrates all of the deception in the world, but we must see our role in being  participants(willing?)and allowing the lie to be perpetuated.
We teach that In the old testament God was vengeful, and in the new, God is all loving and forgiving through Christ. When accepted as a whole and seen as a single book, this is NOT how the bible reads. 
Grace is not some kind of New Testament phenomenon that God decided would work better than His old ways. Christianity literally treats the grace of God like some kind of "plan b" in God's plan of salvation
God's grace is evident all throughout the O.T , beginning with  Adam and Eve as He spares their life after the fall, He doesn't destroy the Jews and Israel as a nation though they regularly practiced sin and pagan worship and time and again He tells them to repent, He is after their hearts and not lip service or sacrifice. God pleads with Israel to stop sinning, He reiterates time and again all of the mercy, grace and blessings He has showed to them throughout their history, yet they knowingly, purposefully and continually CHOSE to follow false gods. 
We also see throughout the O.T where God tells Israel He has REDEEMED them, so redemption is not a N.T concept, only His mode of redemption has changed as it has found it's fulfillment in Jesus Christ.