Thursday, August 10, 2017

Labels on Cigarettes

Having people admittedly  recognize and acknowledge that, for the worse, the Elite and the Elite of the Elite (Freemason and Illuminati?) hands are in a great many things in our society, and yet we continue on as if we never knew. I compare this to the cigarette smoker, seeing the label on the packaging, acknowledging the validity of it, yet continue smoking with no problem, worries or concerns about it (I am not talking about the smoker who battles with the addiction of nicotine and tries time and again to quit).

"Yea, I see what you mean! Illuminati and Freemason signs are everywhere in building architecture, the lay outs of cities, (not just Washington D.C, either. See Sandusky,Ohio, for another example)movies,videos and performances." "Yup, there goes another one!" "It's simply horrible the way the devil is using the music and movie industry in contributing to the destruction of our society and heavily influencing people, especially kids, for the worse!"

 "I seriously gotta  to stop watching these! Oh, that's my jam right there! Excuse me for a second." 
"Jane, my 6 year old, Joe my 13 year old and Harry my 17 year old, c'mere sit down and watch this new Beyonce video where she is practically naked, gyrating on stage in front of all of these demonic symbols!"
"You know, for the life of me, I can't figure out why Joe and Harry are always pushed up against those girls!" They practically dress like they should be working in a strip club! Come to think of it, One day, I saw Jane dancing like one of those grown hoochies! Where the heck are they getting all of this from? Oh, Dang! That's my other jam! Excuse me again."
"Hey, kids, Harry Potter is coming on and True Blood is coming on after wards! I know how much you like both of those!"
-Wizard Training (seriously)

- An English Man who thinks He is a Vampire, Sleeps In Coffin and Drinks Blood

- Texas Man Claims to Be A Vampire, Bites Woman, Claims to Be Satisfying A Need