Sunday, July 29, 2018


There is a  divide in this nation that can NEVER be filled or healed as long as one side, the "Christian Right", unashamedly prioritizes leaving riches to their grands. I, unapologetically, know my children being able to feel safe: in their own skin, while walking down the street, not be disrespected because of their ethnicity,  while barbequing, sitting on the side of AND/OR  going in the pool, being able to rent an air bnb,  being able to rent or own their own home and live in it, to simply to wear a hoody while in public, EARN a reasonable living wage, speak their minds and  question anyone and anything, and other such things that are afforded any human being as a part of everyday life,  the priority.
It's a divide that only a true relationship with God in Christ can heal, beginning with the one between Him and us, in our own hearts and lives, and then between one another.

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