Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What's Down Is Up, What's Wrong Is Right

I just painstakingly sat through a Jim Bakker show on the Daystar network. He had Lance Wallnau on, promoting their satanic lives on a Trump/Cyrus prophetic fulfillment. They actually promote Trump being called of God, and those who speak out against him as anti-God.
These people are mega trump supporters, and are basically saying to speak out against trump is against God and Christ. They cleverly weave biblical phrases to make what they spew SEEM Christian. They wrap their whole point on anti-abortion sentiments. They thump their chests like the proverbial caveman "Republican good, Democrat bad!"
I'm as saddened as I am angered. How in the world can EVERYONE who is not white, Republican and evangelical who speaks against Trump be anti Christian? In these last days, people calling themselves "Christians" are  saying Christian's speaking out against them, their ministry and Trump are under the influence of the "spirit of Leviathan", a demonic spirit, and are twisting the gospel, the message of Trump and all the good he's done and is doing? Like Trump and the true anti-Christ spirit, they promote the ungodly aw Godly, and the true gospel message as undoctrinal.

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