Saturday, March 23, 2019

Perverse Perpetual Pedophilia

In these last days, these type of abuses are happening more and  becoming known more and more. From the the average Joe's House, to God's House, to literally the White House (Franklin Scandal). There were those particular offices we always place undoubtedly and almost mindlessly placed our unwavering trust in. Those individuals with whom we and our families had history trusting. Generations visiting the same pediatricians, churches, day cares, homes of family members and they visiting us, grocery stores, etc.
In these end times, we're at a time when NO ONE can be trusted. Not your pediatrician, Pastor or President.
Keep your children close, but Jesus Christ closer. Know where your children are, what your children are doing and with whom they are doing it with. It's better to be accussed of suffocating your child (being all over their wear abouts)then have them literally suffocated, or suffocated by the sexual perverseness of these perpetual pedophile perpetrators!

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