Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Franklin Graham: A Modern Day False Prophet

I have been a Christian believer for most of my life & a strong Christian for almost 30 of those years.
It saddens me to realize how far the  Evangelicals have fallen, or how they have always been. It pains me to think what they believe and their preaching/teaching says and implies: That God (as He has reveled Himself through our Old & New Testaments), would consider those of us who TRULY stand for HIS truth, righteousness, accountability & love for our fellow man (philios), as GOD'S "enemies" and the "enemies" of someone who, by our beliefs, standards, ALL intents & purposes, EMBODIES ALL of the criteria for how scriptures describe THE anti-Christ! THIS nation truly fits the description of "Babylon the Great" ! Not Rome! Not China!  Not some middle Eastern country! But AMERICA! THIS nation, is where the great falling away is firstly manifesting and spreading as a spiritual contagion. When God says "come out her my people" He is telling His people to detach, seperate & uncouple ourselves from the ways & priorities of this nation & the world.
I wonder if the sons of Billy Graham & Jerry Falwell are fighting for the position of THE false Prophet & second Beast we read in Rev. 13?  
[Evangelist Franklin Graham Calls Christians to 'Pray for God to Intervene' in Strengthening Trump Against Enemies]

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