Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Over the years, this ministry has  called attention to the many ways the anti-Christ has revealed himself. How he has been infiltrating and infecting society as a whole, and Christendom and the Churches in particular. He has been and continues to infect and corrupt our minds, hearts and our spirits. He infects, because WE allow and co-sign his infiltration.  Like the Vampires of old, Satan and his demons need our permission to enter into our dwellings. Whether the dwelling place of our physical bodies (our homes, Churches, workplaces and places of entertainment) or the dwelling place of our spirits (our emotions, thoughts and spirit), in one way or another we are giving him permission to enter in. Somethings may be out of our hands to control, as in for example, risque music playing over the Mall speakers or mandatory work place function). Somethings we choose to do, listen to, and watch, and choose to go to places and participate doing things we know we aught not be seeing and doing.
The pics in this article, taken from an Instagram account and other like things, fall into the latter part.
I have posted TOO MANY times, articles, vid clips showing some of the ways the sexualization of our children has been occurring. Sometimes subtle and subliminal, as in Disney cartoons and films, and other times, not so subtle. The pics from this persons Instagram account fall into both.
Some pics may be subtle, others not so much. However, when you take into account the pics AS A WHOLE (as shown in the Vigilant Citizen article), there's NO WAY the take away is subtle.
In truth, I have not looked at the account myself. It's possible the pics were chosen to support the view of the author of the VC article. That's WELL within the realm of possibilities.  But the reality is, the mother who is the accounts creator, not once but many times, has placed HER daughter in suggestive clothing, positions, and clothing with covert messages. When ALL 3 are placed in the same pics it goes from being  COVERT  and "well, maybe..." , and "it's possible from a perspective"  to being DIRECTLY OVERT
Granted, an old fashioned, out of date person (such as myself) could misconstrue 1 or 2 pics as being "too sexy" or "too grown". THIS is NOT THAT!
Only those with their heads buried in the proverbial sand would not see the recent EXTREME rise of pedophilia not only in this country but worldwide!  Pedophilia rings with ties and accounts held WORLDWIDE have have THANKFULLY been shutdown and arrest made. But it can never be enough.
Only those truly ignorant, or  those themselves steeped in the darkness of this sexual sin, REFUSE to see it or even acknowledge it's rampant rise and spreading like a virus.


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