Saturday, February 26, 2022

Russia War Against Ukraine

I don't purport to be a student of the ways of war. I'm sure there are politics, economics and so forth that are involved, and life would be difficult for some. However, Russia's war on Ukraine can only end with Russia already being the victor especially with the U.S and NATO not intervening militarily.
This event reminds me of Jeremiah 38:17-18, where he gives a message to the people of God, from God. That message is surrender and live.
Hundred thousand of people dead, dying, displaced, fleeing to underground bunkers and subway tunnels, fleeing to neighboring countries with nowhere else to go once they arrive, homes and buildings being destroyed. What's not destroyed is unwillingly being abandoned. Elderly and children are suffering the most.
President Zalinsky, your beloved people are dying needlessly, hungry, cold and suffering. Parts of your country are being destroyed. Putin is a horrible human being, but his victory seems to be all but guaranteed. Barring intervention from an unknown variable, I say, surrender and live. Not for yourself, but for the life of your people and country. Make no mistake. Putin, like Trump, DOES NOT care how many Ukrainian people (or any other people) die to achieve his agenda.

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