God wants us to follow Him personally, and not depend on anyone or anything else to follow and understand God. Through prayer and meditation on His word, (the Bible), and walking in His Spirit, HE will guide you in all truths.
John 16:13,

In these last days, the bible says many false prophets and false Christs will show themselves:
Matt 24:11    Matt 24:24

The Demands Of Our Faith

God would never leave anything to chance! He did not save us through His crucifixion on the cross, and resurrection, only to have us depend on ourselves and trust in others for truth. (Proverbs 3:1-5)
That is almost comparable to a college professor teaching the formulas needed to do calculus, and expect you to use whatever formula you feel comfortable with to figure out the problem.
If you take the words of men for the words of God (Matt 15:8-9), you will always be in danger of patterning your lives subject to however man wants to "interpret" HIS word. That will always draw you away from Christ, no matter how many times they may say His name (Matt 7:22) their path is to hell, and not to the kingdom of God (Gal 1:6-9).
This supposedly being the accepted fact of our faith, many Christians still flock to Israel and the Jewish people as a source of blessing, exalting them as if waters of life flow from their veins.

Is It of Faith in Christ or Faith In Man

 I always feel the need to defend my stand on God's word by stating I don't dislike or hate the Jewish people, nor do I hate or dislike any nation or people.
I am sure that no matter what I say, and prove from scripture, I will be labeled an anti-Semite anyway. This is the devil's plan to automatically get truth labeled as lies.That term has been purposefully and intently ingrained into our society as being the modern day Scarlet Letter. No matter what man has to say, what God has called Sin is sin, regardless of who commits them. Plain and simple. Jesus didn't coddle them in their lifestyle of disobedience and idolatry in the Old nor New Testaments, neither did He have His prophets whitewash their sin. Why do we give Catholics and Jews carte blanche to live steeped in sin and  false doctrine, in spite of what the book we hold up as being the only word of God says? The land of Israel is greatly sin laden, as every other nation. The people of Israel or greatly sin laden as any other people.
Notice how this one Rabbi explains the sin of witchcraft:
"....witches in rabbinic literature are rarely portrayed as demonic creatures, though it is not clear exactly what they are. In a virtually indecipherable tale found in the Jerusalem Talmud, Rabbi Hananiah pulls the head of a witch from flax (Sanhedrin 7:13a). In general, though, witchcraft is seen more as a vice that virtually every woman will indulge in. With few exceptions, it is regarded rather just as something inappropriate that women do." (This is a commonly held view which is obvious should you do a search of Judaism and witchcraft)
 In comparison to what the bible says about witchcraft:  Also:
Exo 22:18Lev_19:26, Lev_19:31, Lev 20:27, 1Sa_28:3, 1Sa_28:7, 1Sa_28:9; 1Ch_10:13; 2Ch_33:6; Is 8:18-20,  Act_19:19Gal_5:20

In these last days, the worship and exaltation of Israel and Jews is yet another obstacle Satan has thrown in the path of the world to make his acceptance as world leader, undeniable. He has blinded Christians, using false prophets, preachers, teachers and pastors (2 Corinthians 11:14-15) to make his proverbial crowning, unquestionable.
Now, in these days, we need to abide in His Word and Spirit like never before. Enduring until the end will not be easy for those who are preparing to have to endure until the end, how much harder will it be for those totally unprepared to have to go the distance?